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Travelling around Europe reporting on the latest tech events.
Helsinki (FI), London (UK), Brighton (UK), Nice (FR)
Member of the Internet Press Guild (IPG), the Finnish Journalists Association, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ),, and the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW).

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Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Biotechnology, Blockchain, Cleantech, Consumer Electronics, Cryptocurrencies, Cybersecurity, Education, Energy, Enterprise Software, Fintech, Health tech, Industrial Internet & IoT, Internet of Things, M2M, Manufacturing tech & Materials, Med tech & Pharma, Mobile, On-demand Services, Retail tech, Robotics, Space Technology, Supply Chain,Transport & Automotive, Travel, Virtual Reality, Wearable Technology. 

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Security Now

How 'Defense in Depth' Gets Data Protection Right

How 'Defense in Depth' Gets Data Protection Right When it comes to preventing cyber attacks, no one technology can prevent a determined attacker from breaking into an enterprise network. However, a combination of preventative tools, best practices and employee training has helped one energy company bolster its security defenses over the past several years. Engie Insight, which is based in Spokane, Wash., helps large businesses and Fortune 500 companies manage their energy use. The company rece

Race to Logistics Automation: Amazon Approaching the Finish Line

Amazon’s new delivery service aims to compete with UPS and FedEx. The Shipping with Amazon (SWA) is an end-to-end shipping solution that picks up from businesses and ships to consumers. SWA is initially being rolled out in Los Angeles with the ultimate goal of offering shipping services to any other business undercutting both FedEx and UPS on rates. This means Amazon, potentially, becomes the first crossing the finish line to supply and logistics chain automation. That is going to have an unpre
Broadband World News

Nokia Builds Up Smart Home Portfolio With Mesh WiFi

BARCELONA -- MWC 2018 -- Nokia used Mobile World Congress 2018 as the backdrop for the introduction of a WiFi solution designed to help service providers deliver a seamless home network to residential subscribers. Under Nokia's design, WiFi beacons form a mesh network and gain access to the fiber network. The technology, called Nokia Wi-Fi, has a home portal so providers can see subscribers' in-home networks and all connected devices. In addition to showing heat maps, spectrum analysis and hist
Broadband World News

There's a Lot More Than Mobile at MWC2018

There's a Lot More Than Mobile at MWC2018 While Mobile World Congress content focuses on the wonderful world of wireless, service providers with their feet firmly planted in the fixed-access arena will find plenty to consider and learn. With a general theme dubbed "Creating a Better Future," the Barcelona-based event is slated to attract over 108,000 attendees and more than 320 speakers between Feb. 26 and March 1. The four-day conference program highlights the impact of mobile and the latest

Follow the Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation dramatically improves operations in the supply chain. Recent advancement in voice recognition, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cognitive technologies create superior digital experiences across many channels and mediums. A combination of all this, potentially gives supply chain organizations the opportunity to resource and create advanced digital experiences that have the ability to improve the end user experience and deliver better business results. Despite this, many s

What to consider when integrating renewables into a procurement strategy

Sustainable IT resources benefit both businesses and the planet and its inhabitants. Supply chain management executives can take any of several roads to sustainability, including incorporating distributed energy resources and reducing carbon emissions. Smart companies consider sustainability as innovation’s new frontier. But how can supply chain executives implement more sustainable IT? Once, it was easy to dismiss sustainability initiatives. After all, the goal of businesses is to make money
Broadband World News

Deutsche Telekom Predicts Even Stronger Growth for 2018

Deutsche Telekom closed 2017 with a record in broadband expansion -- and plans even stronger growth in 2018. The German company added 40,000 km (about 25,000 miles) of fiber in 2017, up from 30,000 (19,000 miles) in the two previous years. The new goal for Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT): to accelerate broadband upgrades to 60,000 km (37,000 miles) over 2018, according to the telco. DT will accomplish this by supplementing traditional underground fiber installation with alternative approaches,

Logistics Management: Top Tech Aids Shipping Forecast

Today’s business realities seem to mean that logistics professionals must be equipped with a crystal ball to accurate forecast the demand on shipping volumes. However,  magical combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics promises a similar effect. Demand forecasting plays a paramount role in corporate-wide planning activities within the organization. It is also important in a customer-centric supply chain. Predicting product demand leads to shipping enough

Living in a hemp house

Hemp, a multi-purpose crop that delivers fibres, shivs, seeds, and pharmaceuticals is currently used in insulation materials and bio-composites for a more sustainable construction industry. Russ Martin and his wife Karon Korp tell their story as owners of the first hemp house in the US Hemp is getting more attention for its multiple uses in sustainable building. In the US, former Asheville mayor Russ Martin and his wife Karon Korp, built the first hemp house in 2010 using crop imported from the

The many faces of hemp

The ecological properties of hemp makes it one of the types of insulation used in construction with the lowest carbon emissions footprint A relatively recent interest in hemp as a building material responds to a global trend that encourages the development of bio-based products and the reduction of carbon emissions. But its use dates back to many centuries ago. In China, in 200 BCE, hemp was mixed with lime and tung oil, and used as caulk for junk ships, classic ancient Chinese sailing vessels

Collaboration in Logistics: From Blockchain to the Physical Internet

Collaboration in Logistics: From Blockchain to the Physical Internet This year’s focus of the Logistics Meets Innovation 2017 Conference, held last month in Brussels, on collaboration in logistics, and the exploration and discussion of emerging technologies in the transportation and logistics supply chain industry. The complexity of today’s supply chain, changes in business models, adoption of new technologies, and shifting demands in customer expectations call for a need to get goods faster t

Recycled steel could herald new era for batteries

An innovative new method has created the possibility of repurposing stainless steel into sustainable potassium-ion batteries Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jilin University have developed an innovative, environmentally friendly method of recycling stainless steel to make novel electrodes for potassium-ion rechargeable batteries. The team’s electrode fabrication, derived from corroded stainless steel meshes, has applications in the electronics industry, and is highly suita

Broadband World Forum 2017 in Pics

BERLIN -- Broadband World Forum -- Previously held in London, Broadband World Forum (BBWF) relocated to Berlin this year for the first time. The new location brought 4,200 attendees from 79 countries, 1,500 companies and 300 speakers, in addition to a new partnership with Deutsche Telekom. The German service provider hosted an Oktoberfest bar on the exhibition floor to the delight of many, including those who enjoyed the event's daily happy hour. Coffee enthusiasts -- including Light Reading's

ZTE SVP: Invest in Fiber, 5G for Europe's Gigabit Society

BERLIN -- Broadband World Forum -- To support the European Community's vision of a Gigabit Society, ZTE plans to invest in fiber and 5G across key German markets, mirroring a strategy it's already implemented in other countries within the continent. Speaking at a press briefing during Broadband World Forum (BBWF) 2017 in Berlin, ZTE's Senior Vice President Xiao Ming shared the vendor's broadband strategy for Europe, and in particular for Germany. As a global provider of technologies for buildi

Automated Meeting Rooms: Leave Ghosts & Zombies Behind

We discuss a lot about automating the warehouse, the production line, logistics, and product delivery all across the supply chain. But what about automating the workplace experience by empowering the modern workforce to operate at more productive and effective levels? Every supply chain manager knows that empowering the workforce is —or should be -- of paramount importance for its organization to thrive. In order to collaborate more effectively, scheduling meetings effectively and, in turn, usi
FEAT - Future Emerging Arts and Technology

Artists and scientists collaboration: learning from experience

”It's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing," said Steve Jobs. This philosophy inspired the EU project FEAT, which is crossing the finish line In Ancient Greece, there was a unity of arts, science, and philosophy. Future Emerging Arts and Technology (FEAT), a project about the role that art plays in science and innovation processes, tries to rediscover that unity.
Our Stories, World Steel Org.

Recycled steel could lead to new potassium-ion era for batteries

An innovative new method has created the possibility of repurposing stainless steel into sustainable potassium-ion batteries Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jilin University have developed an innovative, environmentally friendly method of recycling stainless steel to make novel electrodes for potassium-ion rechargeable batteries. The team’s electrode fabrication, derived from corroded stainless steel meshes, has applications in the electronics industry, and is highly suita

The race toward exascale supercomputing targets 2020

Challenges arisen from climate change, manufacturing, genomics, cosmology, artificial intelligence, big data and the internet of things are expected to be solved by the next generation of exascale supercomputers Exascale is an artificial milestone figure represented by the number one followed by eighteen zeros. Exascale computers will be able to perform a quintillion calculations per second, and they are expected to consume only 20 MW of power. Renewable energy will play a paramount role in the

The semiotics of supercomputers

Is there artistic potential in understanding quantum physics and high-performance computing (HPC)? New media visual artists Špela Petrič and Miha Turšič try to explain complex research projects from their perspective and create awareness of new technologies and their societal and environmental implications Exascale supercomputing refers to super fast computers to be implemented between 2018 and 2020 to analyse massive volumes of data. The downside: they consume vast amounts of energy. This issu
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