Susan Fourtané

Science & Technology Journalist, Content Marketing Specialist, Storyteller, Writer of other things. Writing, reporting, and interviewing industry leaders since 2007.
IoT, M2M, AI & Robotics, VR/AR, Supply Chain, Logistics, Analytics & Big Data, Cloud, Telecoms, the Arts ... 
Travelling around Europe reporting on the latest tech events.
Helsinki (FI), London (UK), Brighton (UK), Nice (FR)
Member of the Internet Press Guild (IPG), the Finnish Journalists Association, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ),, and the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW).

Writing and reporting for global print and online publications since 2007. Susan also produces content for various B2B clients. 

A versatile writer, her expertise includes an array of technologies and topics across various industries. 

Susan writes from several bases around Europe where she regularly attends technology events, consistently being on top of the latest innovations and trends. 

Member, Finnish Journalists Association, International Federation of Journalists,, Internet Press Guild (IPG), Association of British Science Writers.

Susan is currently available for freelance assignments. 

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